Wamwiduka Band


Who We Are

Wamwiduka Band is a Tanzanian uplifting and vibrant traditional music band that mixes with urban music. This band was formed in the Mbeya region in 2012, which is found in the southern highlands of Tanzania, Africa.
The origin of the word Wamwiduka is derived from the Safwa ethnic community from the Mbeya region, which means Wadukani (Shop products or something that has value and can sell itself).

The music played by the band is called ‘’Babatone music, which has become very popular in many eastern countries of Africa, including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia and even other southern-east African countries.

The instruments they use are made with homemade tools, which include the self-made string guitar, Drums, Marimba (a deep-toned xylophone), percussion, and a base guitar that creates a traditional banjo sound.

During 2020 the band has managed to record a mixtape of 16 songs and it was named ”Wamwiduka Mixtape” and among of their major hits songs are included ‘‘Niwewe, ‘‘and ‘‘Kilingeni” which is famous on the street from lyrics that state ‘‘Nahonga pakubwa nakula padogo’’ which meant amount of money that a man bribes to her woman a alot compared to what they get in return.

In 28th July 2023 Wamwiduka Band released the debut EP which is called ‘’Mdundo wa wamwiduka” and collaborate with other artist from other music genre and records various songs includes Mpishe mama apite featuring Ben Pol (who is Tanzania famous bongo fleva singer), Oa featuring Tamimu (a singeli musician) , Safari , Moyo, Nigongeshee featuring Tanzania legendary traditional singer Dokii.

In social media the band has much influence in their social media platforms which includes Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Threads, facebook page and other music streaming platforms such as i-tunes, Spotify,Tidal, Amazon music, Deezer,Tiktok, Audiomack, Boomplay and Youtube channel which has more than 2,000,000 total viewers.

Wamwiduka Band are always being most influential on the street from the songs they perform on the stages that catch feelings and inspire the community with close harmonies and their disheveled elegance, they blend traditional music that sounds fresh and excitingly which right from the start will make you smile and dance.



The Band Members


Brown Isaya a.k.a Mbalwaa  is a Writer, lead guitarist, and lead vocalist.


Macho’s real name is Adriano Wilson is a backup vocalist, and he plays drums as well.


His real name is Zakaria Michael, he plays a traditional base guitar, which is also called a babatoni.


Udodo’s real name is Peter Mashaka, he plays percussion and also acts as a backup vocalist.


His full name is Emily Benedicto, he plays percussion and marimba (a deep-toned xylophone), also acts as a backup singer in the band.


Her full name is Pili Ally. She is the lead dancer of the crew and a good performer who collaborates well with her fellow dancers, and she is good at entertaining when performing in front of a large audience with her waist swinging majestically, which leads the public to shout joyfully for her performance.


Her real name is Subira Mrisho. Apart from being a Wamwiduka band dancer, she also performs choreographed dances in musical theater and a number of other performance outlets.


Her real name is Rahma Kondo, and she is the youngest dancer in the band. She is good at introducing new classical and modern routines and learning new choreography.

Shangazi wa mpoloto

Her real name is Edina Tundo. She is a classically educated dancer with 13 years of experience; she started to dance at the age of 10 years old. She is among the oldest dancers in the Wamwiduka Band


Elisante “Ellis” Mola, famously known as Ellis, is a renowned cultural entrepreneur and artist manager based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He has helped set the pace of the cultural scene in Dar es Salaam, empowering upcoming artists from the urban and traditional scenes, including Wamwiduka Band, who has been making waves touring all over the continent since 2018.

He acts as the manager of Wamwiduka Band as well as a songwriter; he is an executive producer of ”Mdundo wa Wamwiduka” Extended Player (EP) and wrote various songs on that EP includes Mpishe mama apite (feat. Ben Pol), Usizime Muziki, Oa (feat. Tamimu), and Nigongeshee (feat. Dokii).